Message from the Principal

Volunteer at a High School?!  Many of you parents  spent some time volunteering in your son’s or daughter’s school when they were young, but have backed off as they got older.  My message this month  is to let you  know we could use a volunteer or two.  Like most Alberta communities, we  have an increase in the number of students that are learning English as their second language.  Our teachers and EA’s do their best to offer these students new curriculum instruction while increasing their English vocabulary at the same time.  In some cases, these English as a Second Language (ESL) students would really benefit by being able to sit one-on-one with someone to hear how words are pronounced, sounded out, etc.  If you would be interested in this type of volunteer work (or know someone who would be) please contact me at the school.  Chinooks Edge does have an ESL coordinator that would guide and provide ideas,  but largely  it would come down to reading to, or listening to, the student.  Depending on the week, we would look at about 3 to 4 hours (1 hour sessions)  of time to be spent with the student.  We would be able to provide a schedule well in advance, as the time would be built into the student’s schedule to fit their current course load.   Our division does have a policy that adults working with students would require a Criminal Record Check and child intervention check, so this is one requirement we would have.   If there is interest, we would look at setting up this opportunity in the  second semester. 

To all our parents, I wonder if you have found that the past few months have flown by as fast as I have in the school?  I hope you have a tremendous Christmas holiday and safe travels.  Just to forewarn you, final exam season hits us really quickly when students return on Jan. 8th!