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Welcome to Chinook’s Edge School Division! From the early learning opportunities we provide for our youngest students to our efforts to increase high school completion rates, students in Chinook’s Edge have every advantage. We invite you to contact your local Chinook’s Edge school for more information or to register your child for their learning journey.

Please bring a copy of your transcripts and your birth certificate to register.


School Fees

General Fee - Grade 9 $79.00 Includes $1.00 for student accident insurance
General Fee - Grades 10-12 $104.00 Includes $1.00 for student accident insurance + $5 for Diploma Exam materials
School Lock Rental $2.00 Annual Lock Rental Fee
Phys Ed (all Grades) $13.00 Town of Didsbury Community Use Fee
Gym Strip (grade 9 only) $30.00 T-shirt/shorts with school logo
Yearbook $45.00 Full Color.  Optional purchase

Shop 9

Foods 9



Art 10-20 $21.00 Based on $7.00/credit
Art 30 $35.00 Based on $7.00/credit + Materials
CTS-Fitness & Training $21.00 Based on $7.00/credit
CTS-Money Sense $21.00 Based on $7.00/credit
CTS-Construction Tech $21.00 Based on $7.00/credit
CTS-Foods $31.00 Based on $7.00/credit + $10.00 equipment/materials fee
CTS-Information Processing $21.00 Based on $7.00/credit

CTS-Introduction TV Arts


Based on $7.00/credit

Band Rental $125.00 Applies to students who do not own their instrument
Band Rental (percussion) $50.00 Applies to students who do not own their instrument
Phys Ed 20-30 $50.00 Field Trips, Bussing costs

2016 2017 School Fee Waiver


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