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Daryl Brown


Phone: 403-507-1431

Key Roles

I have been a teacher since 1989, teaching my entire career in the County of Mountain View and Chinook’s School Division.  Since 1998 I have served as a principal or vice principal.  My wife and I have two boys both have graduated from Chinook’s Edge.

In my role as principal, I am proud to say that I serve students in five Career High Schools, Off Campus Learning and three Colony Schools.  This diversity creates constantly shifting challenges.  We serve over 600 students in our Career High Schools.  Helping students achieve their potential and meet their educational needs motivates me daily.  The Off Campus Program, a hybrid approach to home schooling, allows me the rewarding opportunity of working with families dedicated to their children’s’ educational development.  Colony Schools are both inspiring and educational.  I have so enjoyed the experience. 

I count myself very fortunate.  I have the opportunity to work with wonderful students and parents in unique environments.  I work with an amazing staff that inspire me every day with their commitment and devotion to the students they serve and am grateful to be part of the team!