Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Chinook's Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.

Vision Statement

Chinook's Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.

Didsbury Career High School Values

  • Diversity: To ensure that each student is treated with respect and dignity.
  • Equity: All students are provided learning opportunities in a safe and caring community.
  • Each student's work is judged from the standpoint of Fairness and Equality with the expectation of high standards based on individual performance.
  • Involvement: Student and parent participation is encouraged.
  • Lifelong Learning: Students will learn and apply academic, organizational and interpersonal skills in learning environment.
  • Risk Taking: We will respond and adapt to change and be proactive in our approach to helping students achieve or upgrade their High School Diploma or Certificate.


Click the button below to view the 2020 - 2021 Education Plans.

Open CESD Education Plan

Open DHS Education Plan


Application Process

Fill out an online application to begin the registration process. Call the school (403-335-3407) if you have any questions along the way. Once we receive your application, we will contact you if we need more information, to make any necessary payment arrangements and to let you know when you can begin your course(s). You can also come into the school and complete the application form and talk to the teachers.

School Fees for adults (Age 20 or older on Sept 1 of current school year) - $100 Registration, $600 for a five credit course or $120 per credit.

Upgrading Students (High School Graduate under the age of 20 on Sept 1 of current school year) - $150 Book Deposit that is refundable when books are returned in current school year.

COVID-19 Update

Hello DCHS Students and Families, 

As we move forward with learning this semester, we wanted to share some information with you so that we are all on the same page as we navigate these new waters. We continue to thank you all for your patience, and remind you to reach out to us when you need assistance. Please continue to check your school email frequently as that will remain our main form of contact. Hopefully you now have all the resources you need in order to work on your courses from home. Thank you to all you who picked up needed supplies last week, and kept your distance from others while doing so. 

Information from Chinook’s Edge School Division can be found here: COVID-19 Information

Information from Alberta Education can be found here: High school learning COVID-19 and Continuing Student Learning

Later this week, the information here will be posted to our website for easy reference. 

Key things to know: 

  1. Teachers are still available to teach and provide assistance with your work during normal school hours and days.
    • We are best reached by email
      • Nathan Farkash:  nfarkash@cesd73.ca
      • Amy Jesse: ajesse@cesd73.ca
        • Please understand that we are not working 24/7, but our regular school hours and we will respond as soon as possible.
    • Need to chat? 
      • We will be hosting question sessions using Google Meet. Please email your teacher to set up a time to talk.
    • The phone at the school will largely remain unanswered. You are free to leave a message should you choose but email will be the best and fastest form of communication. As no one is working at school, messages will only be returned when we are able to check the voicemail.
  1. Mike, our amazing Family School Wellness Worker, is still working too. 
    • He is best reached by email: mbass@cesd73.ca or call/text 403-588-4398.
    • Should you require additional supports, the following contacts are available: 
      • 2-1-1  Community and Social Services Help Line
      • 8-1-1  Health Link
      • Access Mental Health   1-844-943-1500
      • Crisis Line   403-266-4357
      • Mental Health Help Line   1-877-303-2642
      • Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
  1. Our school space is closed. Please do not try to return books or assignments to school. 
    • If you are completing courses online, submit your assignments using the online platform. (Not sure how? Contact your teacher to walk you through it)
    • If you are completing courses in paper booklets, check out this document for how to submit completed work.
    • Finished with textbooks or coil books? Just hold onto them until the school is open, please.
  1. Wondering how you will be assessed? 
    • Exams/quizzes have been deferred until further notice
    • We will assess your submitted work to determine your grade
    • If you are having trouble submitting work, please let us know and we can help to troubleshoot the problem
    • Not sure how much work you should be doing daily? Talk to your teachers to help you make a schedule
  1. How long will we be away from school?
    • We don’t have any more knowledge than what has been in the news.  The wording from the Government was indefinitely, which could mean any amount of time.  Regardless of how long we are planning to support you along the way. We are hoping to be back as soon as possible.
  1. I’m a Grade 12 student. What do I need to know?
    • Diploma Exams that were to be written in April and June have been exempted by the provincial government
    • You still need to complete your coursework to earn a final grade and the credits that go with your courses
    • We will reach out to each of you individually over the coming weeks to ensure you have a game plan to finish the credits necessary to graduate

We understand that each of you has different obligations and a different environment in which to learn now. Some of you have new responsibilities at home, some of you have limited access to technology, some of you need extra support in learning, some of you have other obstacles limiting the amount of time you can focus on your school work. We know that, and trust you to do your best to complete what you can- just communicate with us, and we’ll all make this work to the best of our abilities. 

Stay home, stay safe, and stay connected- we hope to hear from you soon and frequently! 

Take care, 

DCHS Staff