Adult Upgrading

General Info

Adult students are 20 years or older on September 1st of the current school year. 

The requirements for a High School Diploma can be found through the Courses / High School Planning link on this website. You're welcome to stop in and talk to our teachers to find what options are available to you.

Apply Online or come into the school to get help with your application.

Costs & Alberta Works Funding

The current rate for adults is $100 Registration, plus $600 for a five credit course, or $120 for a one credit course.  Financial assistance is available for eligible adults. (Part-time or Full-time).

Tuition or deposit (pending funding) must be paid before course work can begin.

Didsbury Career High School is an approved education site for Alberta Works Funding. The funding process can take several weeks.  If you need funding for September, please have your application prepared before we close for the summer at the end of June. You can apply online with your Alberta Digital ID (Instructions to complete online application).  School staff will will help you fill out the form and complete a Training Provider Information form to submit with your application.

GED & High School Equivalency

But first, stop in at Didsbury Career High School to see how your age and any high school you may have partially completed can get you a High School Equivalency Diploma. Eligible students can achieve a High School Equivalency Diploma as an alternative to obtaining your Alberta High School Diplom