Commonly Asked Questions

Where do I register?

Apply Online

Where is Didsbury Career High School located?

Didsbury Career High School is upstairs in the Victoria Square Mall in Didsbury, Alberta Canada. Our street address is: 205, 2034 19 Avenue.

Can I take courses with another Chinook's Edge school while enrolled with Didsbury Career High?

Yes, with the permission of the principal of your Chinook’s Edge School.  We call this a blended program, and we will work with your local school to ensure you are satisfied with your program of studies. Call us to discuss your options.

Do we have to come to the school daily?

Attendance is flexible, and designed to meet the students needs. Students need to keep in contact with the school on a regular basis (weekly) by phone or in person. Students experience the most sucess when they attend on a regular basis

What makes Didsbury Career High School different than a regular high school?

Didsbury Career High School has an open classroom setting. There are no specific time periods for starting. Every student has unique goals. We specialize in 'school to work' transition and workplace safety training for students of any age.

How much does it cost?

There are no registration fees for students under 20 years of age (as of September 1 of the current school year).  There is a $100 Book Deposit for Upgrading students, which is refundable when books are returned.
Adult students are welcome. Click on the Adult tab for more information.

What courses are offered?

Refer to the our Courses page for details.

Tips on being a successful Career High School Student

  • Set aside a certain amount of time per day to work only on school work
  • Set up goals and completion dates that are realistic to your life
  • Come into or contact the school weekly
  • For best results spend some time at school -- ask for help early
  • Research your learning style
  • Put aside any negative history and start fresh
  • Use varied learning modalities for retention - write it, say it, visualize it
  • Review - for every one hour of new material review for ten minutes within twenty four hours.
  • Learn to manage your time