Grades Taught

9 - 12


One of our most important goals at Didsbury High School is to create an atmosphere where students and parents feel welcome. We understand that scholastic achievement is best attained in an atmosphere that is supportive, caring, comfortable, and where all students have a sense of belonging. Student involvement and input is important in creating and sustaining this environment. It is also influenced through a partnership between home and schools, and we recognize the importance of parents as part of our school community. School Population: 303


Scott MacDonald,



Gord Kerr,
Ward 8 - Didsbury Trustee


Tyler Jesse,
Vice Principal

Welcome to Didsbury High School

In grade 9, students will spend time on determining their learning style, strengths and weaknesses.  Besides being enrolled in core courses, each grade 9 student will spend extra time in their English courses working at improving their reading and comprehension skills.  As we begin to prepare students for earning a high school diploma, a significant trend we have seen in all subjects is the importance of being able to read given text and draw responses from it.  As students move into grade 10, they will have an opportunity to spend time on exploring what career path they may take, and be encouraged to relate their courses and learning opportunities to the general path they are interested in.  The grade 11 and 12 students will be fine tuning their career focus and working at earning a transcript that allows them to compete for post secondary opportunities in school or apprentice programs.

Overall, our school has been able to provide a strong academic culture that allows students to compete for scholarships and entrance requirements to any post secondary program.  Beyond the core courses, we have one of the best music programs in the province which allows students to showcase their talents locally, provincially, and often internationally.  Although we are a small high school, we are fortunate to have a staff that can provide a number of complementary courses in the areas of fine arts, physical education, social sciences, business, as well as the opportunity to join in off campus courses such as Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship, and the Green Certificate.  Our school has created a program of excellence in many extracurricular sports with the help of volunteer staff and community members.  In short, we have done everything to live up to our mission of having students explore, achieve, and excel.

At the high school level we continue to integrate character education into classroom learning.  We also will continue to implement suggestions generated from last year’s survey’s and pursue projects that will help us to build a stronger school community.

We encourage all students to take an active role in their learning.  Participate in the many extracurricular opportunities available at Didsbury High School;  remember that you get out of school what you put into it.


Our Mission Statement:

Didsbury High School is a safe and caring community that challenges
and stimulates each individual to

Explore, Achieve, Excel

and become responsible life-long learners.