Career High School

School Overview

Career High School Overview

Didsbury Career High School is a small, student centered school, allowing informal and supportive teacher/learner relationships. We use individualized educational plans: utilizing the concept of self-directed programming, one-to-one tutorials, group seminars, modules, independent learning projects, and computer assisted delivery.

Students work at their own pace within set deadlines, reaching for a personal level of mastery. They are treated with respect and given the responsibility of freedom of choice. The small staffing arrangement allows for clear and prompt communication between school, students and community.  Students who maintain a regular attendance of one or two set days a week are most successful and it is strongly recommended that students create and adhere to an attendance plan.

Didsbury Career High School is a safe and caring place, where the rights and goals of the individual are important.


  • Grades 9 through 12

Student Profile:

The student population in Career High Schools consists mainly of students needing a non-traditional, individualized setting because they:

  • Have difficulty meeting traditional school requirements due to health, family or behavioral concerns,
  • Need to fit education around work, travel, athletic, or family commitments,
  • Need to obtain an Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement,
  • Have graduated but need to upgrade courses for College or University entrance,
  • Blended students attending DHS for most courses and the Career High School for a course not regularly offered at DHS (Principal approval required)


  • Students can register any time between September & June providing courses will be completed by mid-June.
  • All assignments have deadlines to aid in course completion.
  • Students can access help from two certified teachers in person during regular business hours or by phone or email.
  • Students can earn an Alberta High School Diploma here!
  • Writing centre for Diploma Exams in November, January, April, & June
  • Graduation Ceremony in June with DHS grads
  • Access to a Family School Wellness Worker.
  • In addition to core courses, a variety of optional courses are available


Principal, Scott MacDonald

Vice-Principal, Curtis Dick

Trustee, Gordon Kerr