Message From The Principal

January 2022

Principal’s Message

I hope each of you had a restful holiday and the year 2022 will be a prosperous one.  As we return from holidays on January 10th, reality sinks in quickly as semester 1 comes to an end, and with it, final exams approach.  As a parent, everything you can do to help your son or daughter focus on the process of preparing for exams will help.  We are fortunate to have a trend of academic success in our school, largely due to the combination of teachers and students taking the time to prepare.  In our core classes, the final exams have been reduced to 10%  of the student’s final assessment. This was mandated from Central Office so all schools in the division have equal weighting.   Students who are looking to do their best should begin planning for their finals immediately. If you can direct your child to cut back on other activities, reduce the hours spent on their part time jobs, and get them to give the PS4 a break in exchange for some concentrated time on the books, there will be a positive reward.  Proper preparation for exams should include a number of hours spent over an extended period of time as opposed to cramming the night before.  The validity of final exams to assess knowledge may be debated, but I believe that the concept of focused work and preparation is a quality that is still valued by employers in all walks of life.  I expect each of our students will be challenged at some point in their life to show up to work and be “tested”; as with many things in life, if they learn the skills of preparation when they are young, they will be able to transfer them to a variety of situations.   You can check out our exam schedule on the DHS website. 


Happy New Year! 


Garth Dagg