Message From The Principal

March 2023

Principal’s Message

The end of our first month of Semester 2 has brought some news from our January Diploma and PAT writings . The preliminary results from January’s Diploma Exam writings show over 87% of our students writing at or above the acceptable standard. As a comparison, the last full year that we had results for prior to COVID (2019) showed 88% of students writing at or above the acceptable standard - indicating that there has likely been minimal learning loss in our grade 12 students due to the pandemic. PAT results were also good with students performing at or above the traditional provincial average on most exams. These results are not simply based on the work of grade 12 teachers either, but serve as a testament to the hard work done by all of our students’ teachers throughout the pandemic years.  Congratulations to the students and their teachers for a job well done.

The coming months will see us rapidly moving into the planning phase for next year.  With budgets coming down from the provincial government soon, we will begin the process of planning for staffing and timetables for next year.  With 68 grade 12’s leaving the school this year and an estimated 90 plus students coming into grade 9 next year there is hope that we will be able to add staff to the 2022/23 school year. 

A reminder that Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on March 22.  Once again appointments can be made for telephone, Google or in-person meetings.  Look forward to messaging coming out regarding how to sign up for an appointment soon.  We will also be holding our parent meetings in regard to grade 9 to 10 transitions and grade 8 to 9 transitions over the next couple of months.  Finally, we have been meeting with several of our grade 12 students to ensure that they are on track for graduation.  If you are a parent of a graduating student and want to know where they stand in regards to credits and graduation status please contact us at the school at any time.

Have a great March and remember that Spring is coming -- honest -- it really is -- hopefully.

Scott MacDonald