Message From The Principal

November 2023


November is a month of remembrance in this country and this year we will once again follow the tradition of remembering the duty and sacrifice that was provided by our veterans in multiple conflicts across the globe. Our school wide ceremony and moment of silence will occur on November 7.  The Remembrance Day weekend will also be the start of our 4 day Fall Break and we hope that everyone gets to enjoy some time with family and friends.

Early in November some of our grade 12 students will be writing their first set of Diploma Exams  and our staff and students have been working hard to prepare for them over the past few months. Diploma Exams in English 30-1, Math, Social Studies, Biology and Physics will be written at the end of January.  

This November will also see our staff participating in their final collaborative day of the first semester.  Our collaborative day in October saw teachers meet in grade teams to discuss strategies and plans for meeting the needs of students facing specific challenges and our November 24 collaborative day will see teachers gathering from across the school division to develop common assessments.

It comes as a surprise that we are already almost halfway through the first semester (November 7 to be exact).  Christmas is closer than we think and 2024 is just around the corner.  The next two months will be busy ones with band concerts, drama productions, the end of volleyball season and the beginning of basketball.

As Chinook's Edge continues to move toward a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, we'd like to suggest that the upcoming holiday season may be an opportunity to consider purchasing this learning tool for your child. Chromebooks will allow students the opportunity to engage with learning content, both inside school and at home. For more detailed information on BYOD in Chinook's Edge, please visit .

Thank you and have a good November,

The DHS Admin Team