Message From The Principal

June 2022

Principal’s Message

I often get asked if we are “winding things down” once June hits, but my  experience is that things actually “wind up” until we step away from Grad Celebrations on June 25th, and all of a sudden everything comes to an abrupt stop.  I haven’t taken much time to reflect on the year that is quickly about to come to an end, but the common feeling from most colleagues I talk with is how fast the year has flown.  Perhaps getting back to normal and having more school events occurring is part of the reason.   To finish the school year I’ll comment on our upcoming final exams and student preparation.

I feel like a broken record sometimes, but I can’t stress enough that the academic culture we have at DHS has been a unified effort of staff, students, and parents.  We have not had diplomas or PAT’s for a couple of years, but prior to that we had a consistent trend of students meeting or exceeding the provincial results on diplomas and PAT’s.   I strongly believe this is an important trend to continue and our staff and students are working on doing just that.   Although the weighting of these exams is less than we would traditionally have, the importance of preparation remains the same.   Please do all you can to help keep the focus of your child on achieving the best results they can; it is never too late to develop the discipline and good habits of preparing for exams.  Not too many of our students will carry on in their adult lives without more courses and life-long learning, so if you help develop consistent routines for preparation now, it will pay off in the  future.  Good, consistent practices become good, consistent habits.  

On a personal note, I do want to thank the staff, students and parents  of DHS for allowing me to be a part of their lives over the past 14 years.  I was very much made to feel at home when I arrived at DHS and feel blessed to be able to finish my teaching career here.  I know that the school and all those associated will carry on with great things in their future years.  

Have a great summer and look to our webpage for information on returning in the fall!


Garth Dagg