CTS Courses (1 Credit Each) 

30 Level CTS Courses without prerequisites in Bold


AGR1010              Introduction to Agriculture (ADLC ECourse)

AGR1040              Introduction to Animal Basics (ADLC ECourse & SPCA Online)

AGR1050              Plant Propagation  (ADLC ECourse)

AGR1055              Gardening (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite  AGR1050

AGR2045              Companion Animals  (ADLC ECourse)

AGR2095              Indoor Plants (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite  AGR1050

AGR3000              Agriculture Safety (T4T & ADLC-ECourse)


Career Transitions

CTR1010               Job Preparation (Print)

CTR2010               Job Maintenance (Print) ~ Prerequisite  CTR1010

CTR2310               Career Directions – Expansion (Moodle)

CTR3010               Preparing for Change (Print & Moodle) ~ Prerequisite  CTR1010

CTR3310               Career Directions – Transitions (Print)

5 Credit Bundle (CTR1010, 2010, 2310, 3010, & 3310)


Communication Technology

COM1005            Visual Composition (Moodle & ADLC ECourse)

COM1205            Photography – Introduction (ADLC  ECourse, T4T & Moodle) ~ Prerequisite  COM1005

COM1215            Photography – Exposure (Moodle, T4T) ~ Prerequisite COM1005

COM1255            E-Learning & Learning Management Systems (Moodle & ADLC ECourse)

COM1275            Photography – Digital Processing 1 (Moodle, T4T) ~ Prerequisite COM1005

COM2205            Photography – Composition (Moodle, T4T) ~ Prerequisite COM1205

COM3225            Photography – Colour  (Moodle, T4T)  ~ Prerequisite COM1205

COM3245            Photography – Outdoor (T4T) ~Prerequisite COM1205

COM3275            Photography – Digital Processing 2 (Moodle) ~ Prerequisite COM1275


Community Care Services

CCS1080               Community Volunteerism 1 (Print Module)

CCS3030               Aging (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite HSS1010

CCS3110               Early Learning & Child Care 1 (Moodle &T4T)

CCS3120               Early Learning & Child Care 2 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3110

CCS3130               Early Learning & Child Care 3 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3120

CCS3140               Early Learning & Child Care 4 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3130

CCS3150               Early Learning & Child Care 5 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3140

CTS Courses Continued (1 Credit Each)

Design Studies

DES1010               Sketch, Draw & Model (ADLC ECourse & Print Module)

DES1020               The Design Process (Print Module)

DES1060               Technical Design & Drafting 1 (Print Module)



Fashion Studies

FAS1000               Fashion Illustration 1 (ADLC ECourse & ADLC print)

FAS1030               Sewing Fundamentals (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

FAS1050               Redesign, Recycle, and Restore (Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS1060               Creating Accessories 1 (Print Module & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS1130               Construction Fundamentals 1 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS1190               Textile Arts 1 (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

FAS2000               Fashion Illustration 2 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1000

FAS2080               Activewear (Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS2090               Specialty Fabrics 1 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS2110               Creating Home Décor (Print Module & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS2130               Construction Fundamentals 2 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FAS1130

FAS3000               Fashion Illustration 3 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS2000

FAS3070               Creators of Fashion (ADLC ECourse)

FAS3080               Cultural Fashion (ADLC  ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030


Financial Management

FIN1010                Personal Financial Information  (T4T,  Moodle)

FIN1015                Accounting Prep (ADLC ECourse, T4T, Moodle)

FIN1020                Accounting Cycle 1 (ADLC ECourse,  T4T, Moodle) ~ Prerequisite FIN1015

FIN1030                Accounting Cycle 2 (ADLC ECourse,  T4T, Moodle) ~ Prerequisite FIN1020

FIN3010                Advanced Accounting (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3020                Management  Accounting (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3030                Capital Accounting (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3040                Financial Statements (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3060                Financial Analysis (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN3040



FOD1010              Food Basics (ADLC ECourse, T4T & Print Module)

FOD1020              Contemporary Baking (ADLC ECourse,  T4T, Moodle & Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1030              Snacks & Appetizers  (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1040              Meal Planning 1 (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1050              Fast & Convenience Foods (ADLC ECourse & Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1080              Food & Nutrition Basics (T4T) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2040              Cake & Pastry (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2050              Bread Products (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2060              Milk Products & Eggs (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2070              Soups & Sauces (ADLC ECourses) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2090              Creative Cold Foods (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2100              Basic Meat Cookery (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2140              Rush-Hour Cuisine (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2180              Vegetables & Fruits (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2190              Grains, Legumes, Pulses, Nuts & Seeds (T4T) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3020              Nutrition & Digestion (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3030              Creative Baking (ADLC ECourse& Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3040              Yeast Products (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3050              Advanced Soup & Sauces (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3060              Food Presentation (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3070              Short-Order Cooking (ADLC  ECourse & Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010 or CKA3400

FOD3080              Advanced Meat Cookery (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3100              Entertaining with Food (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3110              Food Processing (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3120              Food Evolution / Innovation (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3130              The Food Entrepreneur (Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010



FOR1010              Forests & Society (ADLC ECourse)

FOR1020              Forest Ecology in Regions of Canada (ADLC ECourse)

FOR1100              Forest Use & Protection (ADLC ECourse)

FOR2010              Forest Protection & Stewardship (ADLC ECourse)

FOR2030              Regulating Alberta's Forests (ADLC ECourse)  ~ Prerequisite FOR1100

FOR3080              Forest Research & Development (ADLC ECourse)


Health Care Services

HCS3000              Workplace Safety Systems (ADLC ECourse, Google Classroom, T4T & Moodle)

HCS3010               Workplace Safety Practices (T4T & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite HCS3000

HCS3050               Reproduction & Readiness to Parent (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite HSS1010, *requires Parental Notification under Alberta Human Rights Act

HCS3060              Pregnancy, Birth & Infant Care (Print Module)


Human & Social Services

HSS1010               Health Services Foundations (Google Classroom, ADLC ECourse)

HSS1020               Health & Nutrition (T4T, Moodle)

HSS1040               Developing Maturity & Independence (Google Classroom /Print) *requires Parental Notification under Alberta Human Rights Act

HSS1050               Introduction to Mentorship (T4T)

HSS1910               HSS Project A (Google Classroom/Print)

HSS2020               Nurturing Children (ADLC ECourse)

HSS2040               Family Foundations (Print Module & T4T)

HSS2050               Becoming a Mentor (T4T) ~ Prerequisite HSS1050

HSS3050               Becoming a Mentee (T4T)

HSS3060               Extending the Mentoring Relationship (T4T) ~ Prerequisites HSS1050 & 2050


CTS Courses Continued (1 Credit Each)

Information Processing

INF1030                Word Processing 1 (ADLC ECourse, T4T,  Moodle)

INF1050                Database 1 (ADLC ECourse)

INF1060                Spreadsheet 1 (ADLC ECourse, T4T, & Moodle)

INF1070                Digital Presentation (ADLC ECourse, T4T, Moodle)

INF2020                Keyboarding (T4T,  Moodle)

INF2050                Word Processing 2 (T4T, Moodle)

INF2080                Spreadsheet 2 (T4T & Moodle)


Legal Studies

LGS1010               Private Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS1020               Public Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS1030               Relationship Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS2010               Family Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS2020               Employment Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS2030               Environmental Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS3010               Property Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS3040               Negligence (ADLC ECourse)

LGS3050               Small Business Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS3080               Criminal Law (ADLC ECourse)


Management & Marketing

MAM1010           Marketing & Management (T4T)

MAM1020           Quality Customer Service (T4T)

MAM3010           The Business Organization (ALDC ECourse)

MAM3020           Business in the Canadian Economy (ADLC ECourse)

MAM3030           Business in the Global Marketplace (ADLC ECourse)

MAM3040           Promotion: Sales Techniques (ADLC ECourse)

MAM3050           Distributing Goods  & Services (ADLC ECourse)



IT Essentials Bundle (ADLC ECourse):

  • NET1010 Digital Technology 1
  • NET2020  Workstation Technology & Operations
  •  NET2040 Network Media  & Devices
  •  NET2080 Laptops & Peripherals
  • NET2110 Telecommunication 1 

CCNA Introduction to Networks Bundle (ADLC ECourse):

  • NET2030 Network Structures
  • NET2050 Open System Intercommunication
  • NET2060 Network Protocols
  • NET2070 Local Area Networks
  • NET3100 Network Media & Devices, Security ~ Prerequisite IT Essentials Bundle)


Recreation Leadership

REC1020               Injury Management (ADLC ECourse)

REC1040               Foundations for Training 1 (Print, ADLC ECourse)

REC1050               Sport Psychology 1 (ADLC ECourse)

REC1910               REC Project A (Print)

REC2010               Nutrition for Recreation Activities & Sport (ADLC ECourse)

REC2040               Foundations for Training 2 (Print, ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite REC1040

REC3015               Flexibility Training (Print) ~ Prerequisite REC2040

REC3025               Cardiovascular Training (Print) ~ Prerequisite REC2040

REC3030               Speed & Agility (Print) ~ Prerequisite REC2040

REC3130               Officiating (Print)

REC3140               Sports & Society (ADLC ECourse)

High Performance Athlete Bundle:  REC1040, REC1050, REC1910, REC2040, REC3015, REC3025, REC3030  (Print)


Tourism Studies

TOU1010              The Tourism Sector (ADLC ECourse)

TOU1070              The Attractions Industry (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU3060              Destination Management (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)